Web Design & UX


I have designed & developed various website projects during the last 5 years such as:

  • Backend Services developed in the PHP language and the Go language.
  • Facebook Apps.
  • Landing pages for products and services.
  • REST Web Service API’s.
  • Websites (sometimes using a CMS when it really made sense).
  • Web apps for mobile (smartphones and tablets). Note these apps also run fine on desktops (responsive design).
  • Webshops.

My latest endeavours are:

  • To develop landing pages that convert.
  • To develop real-time dashboards.
  • To integrate more animations and motion into the various web apps and websites.

My Projects

Areas of Expertise

Information Architecture and UI/UX Design

  • Color palettes.
  • Concepts.
  • Implementation.
  • Landing pages.
  • Prototyping.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Site hierachy.
  • Typography.

CSS Frameworks

  • Bootstrap.
  • Google Closure CSS.
  • Gumby CSS framework.
  • Pure.css (Yahoo).
  • SASS/Compass CSS framework.
  • Susy grid framework.

GUI Frameworks

  • jQuery Mobile (advanced).
  • jQuery UI (advanced).


  • HTML[5].
  • JSON.


  • Design Landing Pages (that convert).
  • CSS Sprites (atlassing).
  • Responsive Design for Desktop, Mobile and Tablets.
  • UI/UX Design.

Tools and Services

  • CSS Sprites (Atlassing).
  • Firefox web development with the Firebug and Web Development add-ons.
  • Google Chrome Dev Tools.
  • Html5 Boilerplate on Github.