Performance Marketing


Welcome to the innovative world of Performance Based Marketing.

It used to be called Affiliate Marketing but the sector changed that because it had gathered a bad connotation.

I have +5 years of experience working intensively with the major networks in Belgium in the unique role as a top publisher.

Performance marketing has long been a significant contributor to the Internet revenues of brands. It is undergoing significant changes to adapt to new trends in technology and media.

The channel is set to continue to expand and according to Forrester Research in “US Performance Marketing Forecast, 2009 to 2014,” it will grow from a $1.9B industry in 2009 to $4B by the end of 2014. The growth is driven by increased overall Internet usage and mobile devices that enable new business models and increased amount of transactions.

Areas of Expertise – Networks

  • Tradetracker.
  • Tradedoubler.
  • DaisyCon.
  • Zanox.
  • NeverBlue.

Tools and Services

The various service platforms that are offered to accounts of the various networks that are listed above.

My Projects

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