In 2013, Mobile and Social Lead Shift from Traditional Media to Digital (

The lines between web app projects, native app projects (for both desktops and mobile devices) and traditional website projects are becoming more and more blurred recently. Especially because the Html5-JS-CSS3 stack is becoming a universal platform for development and delivery.

Current trends:

  • To define a mobile-first feature set for a project and only then upscale it for other platforms.
  • To take the mobile-first approach even further and follow the context-first approach and go for a responsive, device-agnostic and iterative design approach. I could have named this skill category as such but… “Mobile” seemed a better term as more people are familiar with it.
  • I hope the tablets will be declassified as “mobile devices” very soon. It does not make sense. The target audience, the usage patterns the device characteristics, conversion statistics, shopping behaviour (you typically use a smartphone in the outlet and a tablet at home, right?) and the user’s experience of a tablet are more similar to that of a laptop than a smartphone. Don’t you think as well?

The skills ICT & Web Development and Web Design & UX are also very relevant for Mobile.


Google Partners - Certification Mobile sites 2017

My Projects

Areas of Expertise

  • ASO: Application Store Optimization for various app stores such as the Google Play Store, the Amazon AppStore and the Google Chrome Web Store, Facebook App Center (for mobile apps).
  • Designing and Developing Mobile Web Apps.
  • Designing and Developing Android Apps.
  • Designing responsive email templates.
  • App Deep Linking: Facebook App Links integration for mobile apps.
  • App Deep Linking: Google App Indexing integration for mobile apps.
  • Google Analytics integration for mobile apps and mobile web apps.
  • Google Search Console: app setup.
  • Integration of desktop sites and mobile web apps.
  • Publishing apps in various app stores:
    • Google Play Store (Android).
    • Google Chrome Web Store (Web Apps).
    • Amazone AppStore (Kindle).
  • Responsive Web Design.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for mobile web apps.
  • Wrapping existing HTML5 Web Apps as native Android Apps (improving the ROI of the development effort). Tip: I also maintain an Android Eclipse template project in order to wrap future web apps as native Android Apps very quickly.
  • Future: developing iPhone apps (as soon as someone donates me an Apple MacBook). Note that iPhone apps development is not supported on the Windows platform 🙁

Development Tools

  • Android Studio IDE.
  • Google Chrome Remote Debugging.
  • JetBrains WebStorm IDE.

Android Libraries

  • Android SDK: Application, Activities, Threads, Persistence, …
  • Facebook Audience Network SDK for Android.
  • Facebook SDK for Android.
  • Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android (for the Google Display Network ad network via Google AdMob and Google DFP DoubleClick).
  • Google Play Services SDK for Android.

JavaScript Libraries

  • Facebook SDK for JavaScript and PHP.
  • Greensock animation library.
  • jQuery Mobile.
  • jsRender.
  • Modernizr.js.

PHP Libraries

  • PHP Mustache.

Tools and Services

  • Amazone AppStore.
  • Android Developer Tools.
  • Google Apps Script (scripting in Google Docs documents and spreadsheets).
  • Google Chrome Web Store.
  • Google Play Store.
  • Google Search Console.
  • DNS for mobile development.