Email Marketing


The money is in the list.

The mailing list of an email marketing strategy of a company is considered Owned Media; this means you have full control of its content and distribution (opposed to Earned Media and Paid Media).

My Projects

Areas of Expertise

  • Copywriting of email content.
  • CRO Conversation Rate Optimization for email campaigns.
  • Design device-agnostic email templates using responsive design techniques so that its content can be viewed easily on all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops but also in-car displays and Smart TV’s. These templates can be used efficiently by the content production team.
  • Graphical design of various artifacts such as signup forms, welcome emails.
  • Intake of email address sets from external sources.
  • Setup a Mailchimp mailing list manager account.
  • Setup a mailinglist workflow.
  • Sharing email addresses with advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads.

Tools and Services

  • MailChimp list manager.
  • Mandrill transaction email platform.