Lead Nurturing & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


This skill is to be applied to many areas of Internet Marketing. The idea is to generate profitable leads and achieve a perpetual CRO trajectory whereby your incremental solutions are being analyzed and optimized on a continuous basis with a focus on your marketing goals.

Measure the CFAM:

  • Clarity of the value proposition.
  • Friction that slows down the conversion process.
  • Anxiety associated with the conversion.
  • Motivation of the Visitor.

My Projects

Areas of Expertise

  • A/B Testing.
  • Ad Optimization (textual and banners).
  • Optimization for your target audiences (a lead generation campaign for youngsters is conceived very different from a campaign for seniors).
  • Direct Response Marketing.
  • Facebook Newsfeed optimization.
  • Facebook Photo and Video Optimization.
  • Graphical Design Optimization: color schemes, call to actions, imagery.
  • Landing Page optimization: Content, Call To Action, Images and Videos, Layout, Navigation, Forms Design, Custom content for devices.
  • Lead Generation Campaigns.
  • Multivariate Testing.
  • Newsletter Signup Optimization.
  • Page and Website Speed Optimization.
  • Sales Funnel Optimization.
  • Shopping Cart Optimization.
  • Whitepaper Optimization.
  • Website Design that is both designed Mobile First and conforms to Reponsive Web Design.

Tools and Services

  • ClickTale.
  • Optimizely.
  • Unbound.

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