Web App Festival Checklist (Desktop-Mobile)

Current Tasks

  • Migrating the backend of the solution to Node.js.
  • Establishing contacts in the festival sector.


Target audience: 15-30y.

This pervasive mobile-first self-service ecosystem enables festival visitors to prepare their festival weekend and discover the festival calendar for each season. They can compose their personalized festival checklist and share it with their friends.

It looks at first sight a static information website but it is in fact a self-service website with a decent amount of backend logic and page template generation.


Launch dates:

  • Web App: August 2013.
  • Android App: September 2013.
  • Amazon App (Mobile Web edition): September 2013.
  • Firefox OS App: July 2014.
  • Amazon App (Android edition): July 2014.

Go to:


  • To improve my software application template and project documentation structure for responsive web apps. This project is an evolution of the earlier project Mobile Web App m.feestdagen-belgie.be. On the other hand, the newer project Web App Boekentas Gewicht Test (Desktop-Mobile) is an evolution of this very project.
  • This service has been developed mobile-first. Therefore Touch-based devices and responsive web design are clearly the way to move forward.
  • Improve my marketing analysis (Unique Selling Propositions), audience analysis (including persona’s), keyword research and copywriting skills.
  • Optimize the use of the Mandrill transactional email service.
  • Implement Google Analytics custom events, link tracking and goals.
  • Improve my jQuery Mobile app template.
  • Enhance my custom Keyword Tool which scrapes various websites and performs a keyword analysis.
  • Improve my design and implementation of landing pages (or lead pages).
  • Learn Google Apps Scripts.
  • Construct a custom Analytics Dashboard in Google Drive.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization for this web app.
  • Improve experience using the JavaScript components.
  • Improve graphical design skills.
  • Responsive design of emails.
  • Integrate Google+ in this web app.
  • Automate the build and deployment of this project.
  • Advertise this webapp using display banners on websites, and FB Ads. Perform split testing of ad variations. Implement Facebook’s app store ad type.
  • Learn how to wrap a web app into a native Android App. Develop an Eclipse project template so this wrapper can be reused for future projects.
  • Publish web apps and native apps in the Google Chrome Web Store (so it is integrated in Chrome’s App Launcher), the Google Play Store, the Amazon AppStore and the PAD portal (Portable App Description).
  • ASO: Application Store Optimization for the Google Play Store and the Amazon AppStore.
  • Improve skills to promote this type of service to the various Internet communities.

Project Documentation:

Major Updates in 2014:

  • This service has been updated significantly in 2014Q2 (just before the start of the new festival season):
    • Features.
    • User interface e.g. color pallete refreshed.
    • Upgrade all major frameworks such as jQuery Mobile.
    • Landing page optimization.
    • Creating a service API.
    • Facebook SDK integration.
    • Native Android SDK integration.
    • Google Play Store updates.
    • Integrate the Facebook SDK in this web app in order to collect data for the Facebook App Insight Dashboard (to monitor e.g. the Mobile App Installs, the Mobile App Launches and the Device and Facebook Profiles.
    • Integrate the Action Bar via the Android SDK in order to provide native navigation in the Android App and facilitate sharing the app with friends.
    • Authoring Video Ads using the products Sony Movie Studio and Techsmith Camtasia Studio.
    • Making promotional video’s.
    • Using my Social Frenzy plugin to create extremely targeted and relevant Facebook Ads Campaigns.
    • Execute Facebook Mobile App Install Ads using video ads.
    • Perform promo activities.


  • Note that this free service is offered on various platforms such as:
    • An HTML5 web app (runs on all imaginable devices).
    • A native Android App.
    • A Google Chrome App.
    • An Amazon App (Mobile Web edition) for Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire devices.
    • An Amazon App (Android edition) for Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire devices.
    • A Firefox OS App for Firefox OS devices.
  • This is a complex project and this documentation page will always be behind the facts so make sure to contact me for a meeting to discuss everything about this project.
  • The service was launched at the end of the month August 2013 and the feedback was very positive. It is obvious that the success would have been much greater if the service was launched at the very start of the festival season.
  • You might wonder why the Android app did not get much traffic in 2013Q3. Let me explain that for you. The reason is that the Android app was released much later than the web app, in fact after the festival summer season. The reason for this timing is that I only discovered mid September, whilst executing the other project “Boekentas Gewicht Test”, that I could wrap a web app into an Android app very easily…
  • I’m sure the development effort will come to fruitition during the next festival season 2014.

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