Web App Boekentas Gewicht Test (Desktop-Mobile)

Target audience: 30-55y.

Launch date: September 2013.

This mobile web app project makes school kids and their parents aware of the health impact of backpacks that are too heavy.

They can verify if their backpack is too heavy by using the calculator. The user inputs the body weight and the backpack weight and the system will calculate (in a very visual and animated way) the test results.

They can subsequently publish these results in a Facebook Post or send the results to others via email.

Note that this free service is offered on various platforms such as:

  • An HTML5 web app (runs on all imaginable devices).
  • A native Android App.
  • A Google Chrome App.
  • An Amazon App for Kindle.

My objectives:

  • Provide an appealing service to students and parents at the start of the new school year.
  • To improve my software application template and project documentation structure for responsive web apps. This project is an evolution of the earlier project Web App Festival Checklist (Desktop-Mobile).
  • Those objectives as stiplated in the previous project Web App Festival Checklist (Desktop-Mobile) are also relevant for this project. Please read them before continuing.
  • To develop a very appealing responsive user interface for the Calculate feature which runs nicely on all platforms.
  • To publish existing HTML5 Web Apps as native Android Apps (improving the ROI of the development effort).
  • Engage the users, from the traffic source Facebook specifically.
  • To improve my Standard Operating Procedures for the Google DFP advertising platform (which I actively use since 2011).

Project Documentation:


  • The service was launched in September and the feedback is very positive. The user base keeps increasing.
  • I can very easily gain an extra 100 users day after day by promoting the app using advertising techniques on websites and social media. This boost is possible with a minimal budget of 8EUR / day (that is just 8 eurocents per active user). I can easily prove this with the various Store Statistics, Website Statistics and Advertising Platform Statistics.