Node.js Project Build System

This project has been superseded by a new build, test & deploy pipeline using Grunt & Gulp. Example Gruntfile.js

Launch date: January 2013.

This is one of my development toolbox projects. This Node.js based solution is used to automate the build process of web projects.


  • To learn the very promising Node.js JavaScript server environment.
  • To learn how to let the Node.js server interact with the underlying operating system.
  • To make it easier to deploy web projects. Deploying a development project covers cleaning up the file tree, validating & minifying the CSS, validating & minifying the JavaScript and finally to deploy it to a web server.

The solution has been developed using the Eclipse IDE and uses the following components: Node.js, clean-css, Node.js module commander, jshint, uglify-js, Node.js module underscore, Node.js module wrench, and ncftp.

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  • This project can only be demonstrated on my development system.