App Deep Linking implementation using Google App Indexing and Facebook App Links (Feestdagen mobile property)

Launch date: 2014Q4.

The mobile app scene has evolved tremendously during the last few years. But until recently the many screens within an App could not be addressed/invoked from the outside world; this would be very similar to a World Wide Web with websites that can only be accessed via their homepages… This has finally changed with the concept of App Deep Linking.

Discover how deep linking improves the user experience, how Google App Indexing and Facebook App Links have been implemented in this native Android app (with the necessary tags in the mobile web app and the desktop website), and how deep links can be used in advertising campaigns.

Some screenshots:

Note that all clicks in the Google Search App, the Facebook App and the Google Chrome browsers will result in landing on a specific screen/function within the native app (opposed to the start screen of a native app).

App Deep Linking


Project Description:

The walkthrough videos are embedded in the presentation.

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