Marketing Reporting (templates)

Launch date: 2014Q2.

Discover how to communicate the results of your marketing campaign to the various upper management levels and inform them of the status and the return on investment.

It is your obligation to report on a regularly basis in easily digestable information the follow-up of the projects for which they have approved a budget in the past.

These templates are tailor-made for Internet Marketing projects. Learn how to extend your marketing project to collect the required information.

The reports come in several flavours such as strategic reports, tactical reports and customized data pukes. The strategic and tactical reports are typically document-based reports. A customized data puke is typically implemented as an interactive dashboard within the analytics tool.

Please find below an example of a tactical marketing report which is targeted at middle management. It can additionally be enhanced by the creative designer.



  • Learn how to use Google Sheets and Google Spreadsheets and evaluate if these tools are a good match for Microsoft Office to writing management reports (Yes).
  • Automate this process as much as possible.
  • To bubble up technical information from various data sources such as the software services, the databases and the data gathering components. And then convert that into measurable and easily digestible information.
  • Extend the software components (such as the JavaScript modules) and make use of the various measurement services (such as Google Analytics, Facebook SDK and Google Play Services SDK) and App Store consoles (Google Play Store, Google Chrome Web Store) to collect the relevant measurement information.


  • Extend the software with Google Analytics for measuring the standard metrics (traffic, etc.).
  • Extend the Web App with custom Google Analytics Events to measure important events such as marking important function points, new leads and new conversions.
  • Extend the native Android App with the Facebook SDK and implement the Facebook SDK Analytics module to measure important events such as new Mobile Installs, Mobile Launches, device details and Facebook User Profile information.
  • Make custom reports in the Google Analytics tool, the Mandrill Transactional Email Engine, the MailChimp Mailing List Database, etc.
  • Author some Google Sheets to import the raw report output from the various measurement tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook App Insights and AWStats.
  • Author a Google Presentation to convert the technical information in the Google Sheets to easily digestable information.