Custom Analytics Dashboards using the API’s of Google Analytics, Google DoubleClick, Google AdSense, MailChimp…

Launch date: February 2015.

Update 2015Q1: the dashboard has been enhanced with valuable insights using the Google DoubleClick DFP API, the Google AdSense Management API and the MailChimp Mailing List Manager API. The screenshots & video in the rest of this article do not shown these new features yet. But you can see some fresh screenshots right here:



Discover how we developed a custom tactical dashboard website for an Internet property using various data sources and API’s such as the Google Analytics platform, the Google DoubleClick DFP advertising platform, the Google AdSense Management API and the MailChimp list manager.

It is a technical challenge to implement a consolidated dashboard website because the data has to be retrieved using a variety of API’s and each API has a different programming interface. Some API’s have a JavaScript interface which can be invoked securely using OAuth2 from within the website scripting environment. Other API’s have to wrapped in a server component (using the PHP language in this project) and invoked via AJAX by the website scripting environment. The latter applies to the following API’s: Google DoubleClick DFP and Mailchimp API.

A snapshot of the dashboard:
Custom Analytics Dashboard


Project Description


Walkthrough video (about 40 minutes with my vocal guidance):

Best viewed in HD Full Screen.


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  • This Dashboard is not publicly available. A preview is shown at the top of this page. Please watch the video or contact me to request a demo.



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