Facebook App Feestdagen Kalender

Launch date: September 2011.

This FB App in the Dutch language displays the public Google Calender (which is part of the website project www.feestdagen-belgie.be) with the Belgian holidays and school vacations.


  • To extend my ecosystem around Belgian Holidays and Calendars.
  • To develop my first Facebook canvas app. I had already developed a couple of Facebook Page Tab Apps before that time and saw the great potential of Facebook Canvas Apps.
  • To learn the Facebook SDK for PHP and JavaScript (and the interaction between the two).
  • To implement the Facebook Login Workflow (with extra permissions).
  • To apply advanced JavaScript patterns and PHP patterns.

You will certainly notice that this was my first Facebook Canvas App because it looks a bit rudimentary. I hope you see the evolution in both design and promotion in the other Facebook Apps that I have developed later on such as the Facebook game FotoSpel or various Page Tab Apps.


  • App ID: 129499377146799.
  • Total nbr of users: 1400.
  • Monthly active users (Aug2013): 100.

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