Facebook App BMI Berekenen

Launch date: November 2011.

This FB App in the Dutch language calculates your BMI, Body Mass Index, in an entertaining way.

The player can post his result in the Newsfeed (with the BMI Index number and some explanation, but without the exact details like their weight which is a personal thing) or invite som friends to get their BMI calculcated as well.

The inbound traffic is primarly the Facebook App Center. The App Administrator sends each quarter of the year a Facebook Notification to the recent users to remind them to check their Body Mass Index again and pay attention to their general health and body weight; the response to these notifications is excellent (+-45% conversion rate).

Note that the Fan Page is not very popular (#Likes) in comparison with the App, because the player uses the App directly, and never the Fan Page, to calculate their BMI. Secondly, the Likes of the App are not credited to the Fan Page because the App was developed at a time when the Page was not linked to the App in the Knowledge Graph.


  • To improve my knowledge of developing a web application (both front end and back end).
  • To learn the Facebook SDK for JS and PHP.
  • To apply advanced JavaScript and PHP patterns.
  • To implement Html5 Animations.
  • To apply gamification techniques.


  • Total nbr of users: 1214.
  • Monthly active users (Aug2013): 100.

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