Varnish Cache & Cloud Server migration (Feestdagen website)

Launch date: October 2014.

A really fast website is of utmost importance. It will keep your valuable visitors happy and they will convert much better. The page speed metrics are also used by the major Search Engines to rank your website accordingly.

So a fast website is a crucial pillar of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and the related metrics should always be monitored by the Web Analytics Team.

A lot of effort already went into optimizing the performance of this website (both infrastructure wise and application wise) and now the time has come for yet another major infrastructure upgrade.

Discover this fascinating performance improvement project whereby the frontend of a major website was migrated from Shared Web Hosting to a clustered Cloud Server solution, whereby Varnish Cache was introduced as HTTP Accelerator and many other features of this rich cloud server stack were used as well. The page speeds improved tremendously.

Project Description:


  • The next challenge will be to automate the real-time monitoring of the website using an innovative Time-Series Database and an interactive Dashboard.

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