Brussels Airport Flights Monitor using a Real-Time Dashboard

Launch date: November 2014.

Major Updates

  • 2017: upgraded InfluxDB to V1.2, upgraded the Go Client SDK for InfluxDB to V2 (breaking changes; new feature: Batch Points), upgraded the Grafana Dashboard to V4.3.
  • 2016: upgraded InfluxDB to V1.1, upgraded Grafana Dashboard to V4.0.


Discover how big data, an innovative time-series database, an embedded SQLite database, a backend service developed in the Google Go programming language and a responsive dashboard solution were used to showcase a streaming analytics project, more specifically to monitor in real-time the state of all flights at Brussels Airport.

The products InfluxDB database, Grafana dashboard and the Go language have been selected after a careful evaluation as the pluggable platform for this solution.

The current implementation covers all arrival flights. The same approach can be used in the future to process the departure flights as well.

A snapshot of the dashboard:
Brux Dashboard


Project Description:

Go to:

  • This Dashboard is not publicly available. It has been developed to demonstrate the benefit of a business-oriented real-time dashboard. Please request a demo or view the videos within the presentation.



Many other products have been evaluated for this project but they did not make it to the finish line. Please find below a subset of those: