My name is Rolf. Please allow me to introduce myself.
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+5 years

experience in Internet Marketing.

+10 years

experience in Web/Cloud Development and DevOps and IT Infrastructure tasks (on-premise / cloud).

+15 years

experience in Software Consultancy and IT Enterprise Software Projects in an international context.


Sector Experience

Actual Skills

Discover some Internet Marketeer related skills of me.

Some skills or new tools are probably missing! I prefer to first learn and apply new skills and make a profit, before documenting them here.

Note that these skills can be performed by one or more persons. The amount of human communication increases exponentially when you split up tasks across multiple team members. And let the level of human communication be the weakest link in a project team.

Project Portfolio

Please find below some related projects (production!) where the aforementioned skills have been applied with success.

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I would be honored to provide insights into how I used my experience and potential to deliver digital ecosystems with great success.

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