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Welcome. I’m pursuing one of these career paths:

#1: Full-stack Development.

Open Developer Skills Open DevOps Skills

A list of possible roles:

  • Software architect and transformation manager.
  • Database Modelling (RDBMS & NoSQL & Solr).
  • Backend (Cloud) development.
  • Frontend development.
  • API design.
  • Enterprise Search developer.
  • Website design & development with various CMS’s (WordPress) and MVC frameworks.
  • eCommerce webshop development.
  • DevOps.
  • Mobile projects (native & webapps).
  • Big Data engineering.
  • Landing Pages development.

Business are aware that a digital game is going on and everyone must enroll a digital transformation initiative. The ones that focus on the 3 AAA’s seem to have an advantage: Analytics, API’s (application programming interfaces) and Apps.

#2: Digital Marketeer.

Open Internet Marketing Skills

A list of possible roles:

  • Digital project manager.
  • Web analytics & App analytics.
  • eCommerce Webshop operations.
  • Lead nurturing.
  • Advertising (publisher & advertiser side).
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise.
  • Social media management and advertising.

The main objectives in my work are to increase the Customer Lifetime Value, to optimize the Acquisition Cost of converting leads into customers, and to ensure that the marketing messages of your brand resonate with your target audience(s).

I have a +20 years background in executing Enterprise ICT projects and managing ICT teams for a major software consultancy agency and providing services exclusively to a number of Fortune 100 companies.

The technologies that are used for Enterprise Development and those for Web & Mobile Development are converging. That is why I have invested time and money to conceive and implement several Internet Marketing projects in order to upgrade my ICT Enterprise Development skills to Web & Mobile & Cloud Development skills as well.

I have been professionally involved with Internet projects since 2008. I have participated in projects that cover many areas of Digital Marketing and ICT Enterprise Projects.

I would be honored to provide you with insights into how I established those digital ecosystems with great success (some are described in the Project Portfolio).

Discover the various ICT Developer & Online Marketing related skills that I have acquired during the last few years.

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Discover some of my ICT & Marketing projects.

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This chapter is organized in 4 sections: membership programs, eBooks, webinars and whitepapers. Each training item is categorized by the same taxonomies that are used in the Skills section.

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These skills did not come by itself. It is the result of a decent amount of training and executing a number of real projects in order to get skilled at these topic areas, continuously upgrading the knowledge and investing a lot of time.